Acumen Actuarial provides the full-range of actuarial services from pricing and filing to reserving and valuation. We work with all types of clients on all kinds of health coverage. We bring many years of diverse experience and provide objective independent support to our clients who span the entire spectrum of different types from health insurers and HMOs to hospital and physician provider groups, state governments, and other vendors of services.​​

Acumen strives to stay a step ahead of the cutting edge. We provide services that other consulting companies do not. Acumen differentiates itself by working with clients to help them build the internal capabilities they need to become successful in the lines of business they pursue. We provide a number of business solutions to clients facing the challenges of the complex world of health coverage. This may include in-house training. We do everything related to health actuarial consulting, including short-term interim assignments temporarily replacing key staff, as well as ongoing work performed remotely.
Acumen has expertise in Medicare Advantage and other government programs as well as all types of comprehensive health coverage both fully insured and self-funded. In terms of moving your business forward, improving the top and bottom line, and positioning your organization for long-term financial viability, Acumen is the right business partner for you. We guide you through the ambiguous complexity of rigorously regulated product spaces and help your organization position itself for greater success. We help your team with the product development necessary to develop a winning portfolio. We lead companies from good to great.

Acumen’s business review services pay for themselves many times over. We typically find improvements to your bottom line that are many times greater than the project cost—greater by one or more powers of ten.

Acumen has the knowledge and experience to help our clients solve their most pressing business problems. We de-mystify the incomprehensible and provide the subject matter expertise. We look at your business with independent and objective perspective. And we help organizations lift themselves up. It is not Acumen’s intent to create permanently dependent clients who must rely on external consultants for ongoing business needs. We help our clients help themselves to succeed.